The Vacation of a Lifetime...Everytime!


Moving up the Danube River on our AmaWaterways cruise we arrived at our next port, Vienna, Austria.  Just a brief noteworthy observation on the Danube.  The vistas traveling north from Budapest get more scenic as you transit the river with ever increasing small villages and lush countryside.  The further north you travel the more mountainous it gets as you approach the Waucau wine region.  Vienna is a striking metropolitan city with diverse architecture, music, cultural arts, food, wine, and beer.  Our first night in Vienna we visited a very traditional wine house (Heurigen) called  Weingut Wolff.  We enjoyed an evening of traditional music, tasty wines, bread, and cheese.  The crowd was lively and helped to create a festive energy.  During our stay in Vienna we sampled the renowned Sacher Torte, a tasty chocolate cake, topped with fresh made whipped cream and enjoyed with coffee.  After our tasty treat, we then ventured off to visit a Sparkling Wine Cellar called Schlumberger.  There we learned about and tasted their, easy to drink, sparkling wines.  Vienna is a walking city with easy transit between areas.  The architecture in the city is very diverse running the extreme from old to very new.  During WWII Vienna was heavily bombed due to the strong Nazi occupation with Gestapo headquarters centered in the downtown district.  Because of this new construction was necessary and this is what was striking to us.  You go from classic Gothic, Neoclassical, and Renaissance architecture to modern appointed upscale shopping areas crowded with locals and tourists.  Vienna is without question an outdoor city.  Like the cities we had visited before, the Hapsburg influences are seen throughout Vienna.  Every city should have a “rock star” and that is no different than Vienna.  Strauss was and is still the “rock star” of Vienna.  His music plays throughout the city.  Mozart and Beethoven are stars as well with their music played in venues every day of the week.  We would recommend that you do not plan more than 2-3 days at most in Vienna.  That is more than enough time to experience the charm and majesty of this world class city.