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Venice Italy

Besides on foot, the only other way of getting around in Venice is by boat.  For a romantic journey along the canals we would suggest you hop aboard a gondola but for getting from one place to another using the vaporetto (water bus) is the fastest and most economical method.  Venice is not a large city but because of the numerous canals and small winding streets, a good map is essential.  The Rialto is the geographic heart of the city and the oldest settled area.  We started our walking tour on the San Marco side of the Rialto Bridge.  There are so many small shops to purchase local wine, Prosecco, sweet treats, espresso, cicchetti, Murano Glass…the list is endless.  The architecture is breathtaking and everywhere you turn there is a great photo op.  The endless walking that you will do in Venice will certainly generate an appetite.  It is easy to avoid all the typical tourist eateries.  Anywhere there is a menu posted in six languages is a place to stay away from.  Going on a giro di ombre is a great way to satisfy your hunger with ciccheto, wet your whistle with some great wine, and mingle with the locals.  If shopping is your mission Murano Glass collectables and jewelry are amazing along with Venetian Masks. Standing in the middle of the magnificent piazza San Marco is an experience in itself.  Napoleon referred to it as the “drawing room of Europe” with its architectural masterpiece, Basilica di San Marco.  A gondola ride through the canals can accommodate 6 passengers or less and would run about 80 euro for 40 minutes.  Venice is a unique and precious repository of art.  From the middle Ages until the mid-18th century, artists of the highest caliber left their mark all over the city.  In addition to walking…walking…walking, we took the vaporetto along the Grand Canal.  The architecture is undeniably spectacular.  What visit to Venice would be complete if you did not taste the Gelato?  It is the creamiest ice cream you have ever had in flavors that are too good to be true.  You don’t need a lot with a small cup giving you an explosion in your mouth.  The best thing about Venice is how romantic it makes you feel even if you thought that romance had left your soul.  If you are a romantic, this city will certainly light your fire to afterburner mode.  We will definitely come back and you should plan your visit there as well.