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A Portrait of Majestic France - Paris To Bordeaux | 15 Days
• Journey from glittering Paris to the Norman countryside and on to the lush vineyards of Bordeaux. This picture-perfect journey blends your passion for the good life—art, culture, and gastronomy—with a broad sweep of picturesque French landscapes. Experience the romance of Paris and then sail the Seine to Normandy, discovering the gems of the region. Bike along the Seine in Rouen, and tour the former smugglers’ harbor in Honfleur. Follow in the footsteps of Monet at his beloved Giverny and Van Gogh in Auvers-sur-Oise. Explore Roman Saint-Émilion, with its astonishing Monolithic Church, and ancient Blaye, with its famous citadel. 


Bordeaux, Vineyards & Châteaux - Bordeaux To Bordeaux | 8 Days
• Discover the unparalleled riches of Aquitaine and its charming capital city, Bordeaux. Though settled by the Romans and formerly ruled by the English, Aquitaine is profoundly French. From its noble châteaux to its breathtaking estuary, Bordeaux (as the region is also known) is an oenophile’s paradise and every traveller’s dream. You’ll sail three stunning rivers—the Garonne, the Dordogne, and the Gironde—on one amazing journey, all aboard your elegant floating hotel.


Burgundy & Provence - Avignon To Lyon | 8 Days
• From Côtes du Rhône to crêpes suzette and sun-glazed fields to Van Gogh’s Arles—this is a journey of exquisite pleasure for all your senses.Follow in the footsteps of Van Gogh, Cézanne, and Gauguin on this exquisite journey through southern France; the same beautiful countryside and culture that inspired the masters will now inspire you. You’ll cruise the serene Rhône and Saône rivers on Uniworld’s striking Super Ship, S.S. Catherine, enjoying the region’s incomparable wine and cuisine and discovering its many treasures—from the medieval wonders of UNESCO-designated Avignon to the hum and thrum of lively Lyon’s Les Halles food market—along the way.


Jewels of Spain, Portugal & the Douro River -  Lisbon To Madrid | 14 Days 
• From exploring medieval-walled cities to wine estate tours and tastings, this new itinerary celebrates the best of the beautifully sun-drenched countries of Spain and Portugal


Delightful Danube & Prague - Budapest To Prague | 10 Days
• The Danube River flows through Austria’s legendary Wachau Valley, a UNESCO World Heritage Site renowned for its spectacular natural beauty, quaint hamlets, medieval abbeys and fortresses, and wonderful white wines. Guests on our “Delightful Danube & Prague” cruise now stop in Spitz, an ancient wine village.

Castles along the Rhine - Basel To Amsterdam | 8 Days
• Be inspired by the fairytale beauty and romantic spirit of the castle-laden, vineyard-rich Rhine. Flowers tumble from baskets lining streets of half-timbered houses, and lights glint off quiet canals. A mighty river carries ships and cargo through a landscape shaped by time and history. The spires of medieval churches and castles appear around each bend in the river, and vineyards climb the verdant hillsides.

Classic Christmas Markets - Nuremberg To Frankfurt | 8 Days
• Everyone believes in fairytales at Christmastime. Once upon a time, people gathered on cobblestone squares to buy the special tools and ingredients they needed to make the treats of the season. They kept warm with hot spiced wine, music, and games while they shopped and chatted with the local tradesmen. Those were the first Christmas markets, five hundred years ago. Today, though the light comes from twinkling electric bulbs rather than torches, bonhomie and fun still prevail.


Danube Discovery & Prague - Vienna To Prague | 10 Days
• Discover The Matchless Beauty Of The Danube River And The Pride Of The Czech Republic—Prague. Sheer Cliffs Rise Above The Mighty River, With Tiny Baroque Villages Nestled At Their Feet. Terraced Hillsides Are Topped By Time-Mellowed Monasteries. The Vineyards Along The Danube Have Supported Farmers For Centuries; These Days Ambitious Vintners Apply The Latest Techniques To Making Luscious White Wines From Ancient Vines—And You’ll Get To Taste The Fruits Of Their Labour.


Grand France -  Paris To Avignon | 15 Days
• Journey from historic Normandy to breathtaking Provence and vineyard-rich Burgundy. For Francophiles in love with the culture, history, cuisine, and romance of France, this grand voyage provides them all. Soak up the joie de vivre that makes France one of the most adored countries in the world. You’ll experience France from north to south, sailing three rivers and embarking upon in-depth shore excursions. Walk through Monet’s beloved Giverny, seeing the enchanting grounds that he made famous; kayak under the arches of the two-thousand-year-old Pont du Gard outside of Avignon; enjoy a recital of baroque favorites in a 12th- century cathedral in charming Viviers; and visit the famous food market (Les Halles) in lively Lyon. From the beaches of Normandy to the verve and romance of Paris, rich vineyard country to the sun-kissed shores of the Mediterranean, this itinerary in France is truly nonpareil!


Legendary Rhine & Moselle - Amsterdam To Basel | 13 Days
• Travel through five remarkable countries along the legendary Rhine and vineyard-rich Moselle rivers. Discover extraordinary Roman ruins, romantic castle-dotted shores, and lively cities. Revel in the UNESCO-designated Rhine River Valley, with its vine-filled slopes and castle-dotted shores, and the mesmerizing Moselle, the Rhine’s breathtaking tributary. Explore the delights of five nations and savour the best these regions have to offer.


Ultimate France - Paris To Lyon | 22 Days
• From glimmering Paris to the windswept Atlantic coast, and historic Aquitaine to Mediterranean Provence, “Ultimate France” offers the crème de la crème. This triumvirate of France brings you the very best of each region: Paris and the Normandy coast in the north, incomparable Bordeaux in the southwest, and the sun- drenched Mediterranean delights of Burgundy and Provence. You’ll tour glamorous capital cities in leisure and style; explore ancient villages still unspoiled by modern life; and walk in the footsteps of famous artists like Monet and Van Gogh. With Uniworld’s extraordinary exclusive excursions, you’ll visit the Palace of the Popes in Avignon; enjoy local wine tastings; stroll the charming medieval lanes of Viviers; and peruse the famed farmers’ market in Lyon and see the city spectacularly illuminated at night. All the while, savor the renowned wines and cooking traditions that have made French cuisine the most revered in the world