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Sacher Torte

During our stay in Vienna, Austria we were introduced to a cake in called a “Sacher-Torte”.  Well…”what might you ask is a Sacher-Torte”?  It is the most famous cake in the world since 1832.  The original recipe still remains a well-kept secret of the Hotel Sacher Wien in Vienna, Austria.  More than 360,000 pieces are produced by hand each year spread with apricot jam, iced and wrapped in exactly the same way.  The dense, rich chocolate layered cake is traditionally served with unsweetened whipped cream and a cup of Sacher coffee or tea.  The Sacher-Torte was created by a 16 year old apprentice chef, Franz Sacher, at the home of Prince Clemens Lothar Wensel Metternich, chancellor of Austria.  Many years later Sacher’s son opened the Hotel Sacher, in Vienna.  The hotel claims to have the only authentic recipe for the dessert.  The basic recipe for the torte is pretty simple.  It is a chocolate sponge cake made with a high grade dark chocolate.  The layers are spread with apricot jam, and the cake is iced with dark chocolate glaze and chocolate shavings.  The sponge cake is notably dry and rich.  It is customary to serve it with unsweetened whipped cream and good quality coffee or tea.  We had the pleasure of eating this tasty dessert at the Café Hofburg in Vienna.  In 1918 Vienna’s most famous coffeehouse writer, Peter Attenberg, wrote; “If you are worried about something…go to a café; If you hate and detest the people but nevertheless cannot do without them…go to a café; if nobody pays you credit any longer…go to a café”.  We say, “If you are in Vienna and your mouth is watering for a piece of Sacher-Torte and a coffee or tea…go to a café”.  Guten Appetit.