The Vacation of a Lifetime...Everytime!


Rome or Roma, as it is called by locals and other Italians in the region, is the capital and largest city in Italy in the Lazio region.  Ever known as the epicenter of the Roman Empire, the saying that “all roads lead to Rome” is very true and became evident to us as we traveled throughout the country.  As we were educated and enlightened by our personal guide, Massimo, we began to understand how amazing this 2800 year old civilization influenced the world.  The ruins, from the Roman Forum to the Colosseum, along with the Vittoriano, Circus Maximus, and the artsy Piazza Navona were presented to us, by Massimo, in a way that paled all of our studies of Roman mythology in high school and college.  Seeing these structures and ruins, thousands of years old along with the history brought us thoughts of in one word, Power.  On the far eastern part of the city is the smallest and one of the most powerful countries in the world, “Vatican City”.  We were in Rome on the last Sunday of the month.  What that means is, crowds.  Vatican Square was a mass of chairs for the Roman Catholic service given by the Pope.  We walked around for a while admiring the architecture and grandeur of this religious empire.  We visited the Spanish Steps and Trevi Fountain where we threw some coins over our shoulders, shared a kiss, and snapped a few photos.  Rome’s history is long and complex and that is evident throughout this city.  The romance of Rome is so much different than that of Venice, Florence, or the Amalfi Coast.  For us the romance was more evident in the history than the culture.  If you venture to Rome we suggest that you make your stay no more than 2 days for the city and if you remain there use it as a hub for your adventures to be found in the outlying areas.