The Vacation of a Lifetime...Everytime!


The second half of our week in Prague, Czech Republic took us to a new hotel off of Wenceslas Square (Vaclavske Namesti) near the top which begins the Vinohrady district.  Vinohrady is named for the vineyards that were found during the 19th century.  Although there are no vineyards there today this upscale neighborhood is a favorite of professionals to live, shop, eat and drink.  Prague ranks among the top fashion capitals of the world and this was most evident as we strolled up and down Wenceslas Square.  The area is filled with upscale shopping and restaurants.  The square was created in 1348 by decree from King Charles.  Today it forms the commercial heart of Prague.  At the top of the hill is the majestic National Museum constructed in 1890.  In front of the museum is the St Wenceslas Monument (Pomnik svateho Vaclava).  He was murdered by his brother in 929 and later was declared a Saint and a national Czech symbol.  The square contains some of the most spectacular Art Nouveau architecture which became prevalent at the beginning of the 20th century.  Our hotel for the remainder of our stay in Prague was the K+K Fenix Hotel.  We recommend this hotel and location for easy transit throughout the city either on foot or using the popular trolley system.  A short walk over the Charles Bridge will take you into the Mala Strana area of town.  Crossing the Charles Bridge, which spans the Vltava River, is an experience not to be missed.  All along the way you have beautiful vistas of the city with its striking architecture on both sides of the river.  The bridge is fill with pedestrians, artists, and musicians all melding in pleasant harmony.  Walking through the Mala Strana there are small winding streets with lots of shops and restaurants along with street food and beer vendors.  The walk up hill to Prague Castle, in the Hradcany district, is steep and highly picturesque.  Prague Castle sits on a huge complex, over 18 acres, that is the official office and residence of the President of the Czech Republic.  The medieval castle was found in 880 AD and is the largest of its type in all of Europe.  It was once the seat of the Kings of Bohemia.  In addition to the castle, the church of St. Vitus Cathedral sits on the property as well. We wandered around the courtyard and were overwhelmed by the architecture.  We also saw the changing of the guard ceremony.