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Pisa Tuscan

The city of Pisa is located in Tuscany at the mouth of the River Arno on the Tyrrhenian Sea.  The city is quaint with beautiful architecture dating back to the Medici family and is the home of the University of Pisa with a student population of 60,000.  Of course no visit to Pisa would be complete without a visit to the infamous Leaning Tower.  Yes, it does lean.  What surprised us was that the location of the tower is a multi-acre plot in town that looks like a planned tourist venue.  There is a Baptistery on the property and “the tower”.  We spent about 40 minutes walking around looking at the tower from different angles.  If you don’t photograph it at just the right spot it looks like it does not lean.  Another interesting thing about the town is that it was the home of the famous astronomer Galileo.  When leaving Pisa you are almost immediately out into the countryside and fast approach the Tuscany wine region.  Thousands of acres of sangiovese grape grow in this coastal mountain climate with terroir rich in sand and clay.  The countryside is magnificent with rolling hills, farms, vineyards, and olive trees.  The sangiovese grape produces the, pleasing to the pallet, Chianti wine.  We stopped at Fattoria di San Michele a Torri winery.  This spectacular winery produces a Chianti Classico, and a Chianti Reserva.  We sat down at a table and were presented with fresh baked bread, organic thinly sliced cured but not cooked bacon which melted in our mouths, olives, olive oil, and honey.  This feast was at no charge because they just want you to buy the wine and olive oil, which we did.  Now that is what we call a wine tasting…wow!  We left the Tuscany wine region for a short drive to the city of Florence.  Passing though the countryside we learned that it is the home of our favorite lyrical singer, Andrea Bocelli (no we did not see him there).  The best way to describe Florence is an outdoor sculpture museum.  We loved everything about this city including the architecture, art, music, people, food, and wine.  We truly got caught up in the “in your face” beauty.  Florence is the capital city of Tuscany along the Arno River.  Enchanting in every respect we truly enjoyed some of the greatest artistic treasures in the world.  What you get out of travel is so personal.  It is sometimes hard to express or photograph the breathtaking beauty and emotion that fills your soul when you visit these countries.