The Vacation of a Lifetime...Everytime!


From Durnstein we journeyed on to the Austrian town of Melk, which is home of the Melk Benedictine Abbey.  The town sits on the Danube with the abbey overlooking from a steep hill.  Benedictine Monks have lived and worked in Melk for over 900 years.  The Abbey is magnificent with classic Baroque architecture.  The library has an outstanding literary collection and it is truly awe inspiring to stand in the center taking in a 360* view of the heavily wooded room along with thousands of books.  There are many art treasures there that have been collected through the centuries.  The vistas from the upper levels of the Abbey reveal storybook views of the town below.  The scenery propels your mind into a fantasy mode hard to express in words.  Arriving back on the AmaPrima we were guests at a private “Chefs Table” dinner experience for the Pearmund Cellars group.  The culinary delights were as pleasing to the eye as they were to the stomach.  Our private chef prepared every course to order in a proprietary kitchen for our dining room.  In addition to the food we had flowing wines of the region.  Our dinner group of 20 shared experiences of the day and how we were looking forward to adventures to come.