The Vacation of a Lifetime...Everytime!

From Vienna we made our way on the AmaPrima to a small town on the Danube in the Krems-Land district of Austria called Durnstein.  We are now in the heart of the Wachau wine region.  This area and its quaint villages was probably the most beautiful on our trip with lush vineyards and magnificent scenery, architecture, people, food, and or course, wine.  The most widely grown grape in the region is Gruner Veltliner.  This grape is used to produce some of the best white wines to grace your palate.  In the town of Weissenkirchen in Der Wachau built in the 14th century, our most gracious host, Mrs. Noibinger and Anton, owner of Noibinger Winery, gave us the pleasure of tasting their beautifully hand crafted wines and homemade breads.  She appreciated our knowledge and love of wine and more than quenched our thirst with a number of selections from the Noibinger cellar.  Our next stop was Weixelbaum Winery.  This was located in the same village as Noibinger and there too we enjoyed their hand crafted wines and of course, more homemade bread.  Mr. & Mrs. Weixelbaum made us feel at home in their 14th century wine cellar.  We were fortunate to have a local guide and interpreter with us who had a vast knowledge of local history and culture.  Like the other areas we visited the name Hapsburg Monarchy had its footprint in Durnstein as well.  Even if you are not a wine snob, the Wachau region is a must stop on a trip to Austria.  The romantic charm of this region plants itself deeply into your heart and soul.  We will most definitely return.