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Budapest, Hungary is known for its world-class classical music along with architecture that shows the strain of WWII.  Its people are friendly and filled with a youthful spirit.  Budapest is divided into 23 districts but is most often noted for the Buda and the Pest side divided by the Danube.  In 1987 Budapest was added to the UNESCO World Heritage list for cultural and architectural significant cities along the Danube River.  Being a walking city we took advantage of exploring the many neighborhoods and cultural venues.  Budapest is well known for its spa resorts, coffee houses, wine bars, and cafes.  The locals and tourist population seem to thrive on out-door life.  We enjoyed the food, especially the Goulash, along with the wines and beers of the region.  Like most of Eastern Europe the influence of the Hapsburg Empire is prevalent wherever you go.  A once large Jewish community was helped by Raoul Wallenberg, the Swedish diplomat, who organized the distribution of Swedish passports to as many Jews as possible along with Giorgio Perlasca, an Italian man, who helped rescue thousands of Jews.  WWII resulted in the death of over 38,000 civilians and significant destruction of the city.  If you are planning travels to Eastern Europe Budapest should definitely be on your list of go to cities.