The Vacation of a Lifetime...Everytime!


Enchanting Barcelona, Spain, the capital city of Catalonia, rich in culture and so impeccably clean that the “three second rule” could apply.  We rented a condo one step off La Rambla in Placa Reial a square designed by Francesc Daniel Molina I Casamajo in the 19th century with Gaudi's influence seen in the lamp posts that line the square.  Our 4 bedroom 3 bath condo offered us a perfect haven to call home during our stay.  We were three blocks from the world famous La Boqueria, one of the largest public open air markets in Europe.  This market dates back to 1470 and was known as Mercat Bornet at that time.  We shopped there for fish, cheese, vegetables, bread, and wine for a homemade Paella feast.  Since we visited Barcelona before, we had a good handle on navigating the city and took advantage of lots of walking through parts of the city that we had wanted to return to and explored areas that we had not been to during our earlier visit.  Barcelona is safe, clean, and easy to navigate even with the numerous, skinny, winding streets, typical of Europe, many of which spill into Placas (plazas) with lots of small shops and cafes.  Barcelona never sleeps and it is typical to find nightlife getting started around 11 pm continuing until the sun rises.  We usually were ending our evening when the locals were getting started.  We would not call Barcelona a particularly romantic city like, Venice, Florence, and the Amalfi Coast in Italy but it has a spectacular charm that makes multiple visits a high mark on a travel bucket list.  As one of our favorite European cities we will most certainly return again.